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Acuity Workforce sheds light on workforce awareness and optimisation...

With APC Global as its driving force, Acuity Workforce provides a straightforward and intuitive method for managing lamp room issues, including equipment assignment, compliance, and operability. By utilising passive RFID technologies seamlessly integrated into existing operational environments, it enables customers to gain awareness of both their equipment and workforce, facilitating efficient management and monitoring capabilities.

Personal Equipment Station

Managed equipment assignment, access administration and equipment audits.


Safety compliance, mustering, people flow within the working areas, locational clearance, shift clearance.


Operation overview including sites, employees and contractors, shifts, deployment and business rule exceptions.


Data and trend analysis on attendance, fatigue, inefficiencies and equipment statuses.


Business rules implementation and interlock with 3rd party systems (e.g., biometrics and other OEM providers).

Global Footprint
Production Shifts
Underground Mining Attendances
Undeground Backbone Network

Gain enhanced clarity and insights!

Acuity Workforce provides an effective way of managing your workforce through a simple and intuitive lamp room solution that offers enhanced clarity and insights into equipment utilisation.

It uncovers inefficiencies and identifies recurring issues, enabling you to address persistent challenges and optimise your workforce effectively.

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